Comtrade survey

56% of Irish IT experts expect intelligent robots in the workplace in the next five years. The survey reveals that over half of Irish IT decision-makers expect intelligent robots in the workplace in the next half decade. The Comtrade Digital Services survey took in 133 Irish IT leaders and their opinions on how digital transformation …Read More

Big Data is talking. Is anyone Listening?

Everyone is talking about ‘big data’ and how tech behemoths like Google are going to use it to change the world. But what does it mean for the rest of us – companies and organisations who do not have ninja-coders sitting on beanbags developing artificial intelligence apps during their company-subsidised gourmet lunch breaks? In this …Read More

Few Marketers Capitalize on Data Analytics to Optimize CX

For all the talk of data analytics, organizations are still struggling to use it effectively. That’s the picture painted by two recent studies, which confirm data alone doesn’t create a data-driven organization. Organizations today remain data rich and insight poor. More Data Than Insights The studies — one by Forbes Insights and Dun & Bradstreet …Read More

Irish Digital skills are less well developed than Global Peers.

Nearly half of Irish digital initiatives for business are not delivering, according to findings in PwC’s 2017 Irish Digital IQ survey published today. The survey finds that less than two-thirds (64%) of Irish organisations have the digital skills required for an evolving digital economy and is similar to global peers (65%). At the same time, …Read More

Data Analytics Is No Longer A Nice Option — It’s The Core Of The Enterprise

Global businesses are facing increasing complexity and market volatility. In response, all business functions are turning to data-driven analytics and insights as a means to manage this increasing uncertainty, while better understanding their organizations’ customer bases and growing their businesses. The move to data-driven insights is being forced by continued business reliance on technology and …Read More

15 data and analytics trends that will dominate 2017

Along with social, mobile and cloud, analytics and associated data technologies have earned a place as one of the core disruptors of the digital age. 2016 saw big data technologies increasingly leveraged to power business intelligence. Here’s what 2017 holds in store for the data and analytics space. John Schroeder, executive chairman and founder of MapR Technologies, …Read More

Predictive analytics company to create 120 Irish jobs.

An international business that predicts future sales patterns through artificial intelligence is set to expand into Ireland as the company looks to boost its presence in EMEA markets. also announced it had secured a round of investment from the Irish Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) and had also entered into a partnership with the Insight …Read More

Skills shortage; a major threat to Irish business growth.

PwC have today released their latest Irish HR Directors’ Survey which shows that over three-quarters (77%) of Ireland’s HR leaders are experiencing skills shortages, up from 61% last year. The greatest skills gaps was found to be in the areas of IT, data analytics, risk and finance. At the same time less than half (45%) …Read More

Why China is poised for an economic resurgence with data analytics.

The explosion of technology adoption and investments across China signals the next iteration of its economy. Historically, China maintained its position as an economic powerhouse as it boasted cheap labor and manufacturing. The country’s next economic wave will capitalise on technology as its consumers flock to it at unmatched speeds and government and big businesses …Read More