Predictive analytics company to create 120 Irish jobs.

An international business that predicts future sales patterns through artificial intelligence is set to expand into Ireland as the company looks to boost its presence in EMEA markets. also announced it had secured a round of investment from the Irish Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) and had also entered into a partnership with the Insight …Read More

Skills shortage; a major threat to Irish business growth.

PwC have today released their latest Irish HR Directors’ Survey which shows that over three-quarters (77%) of Ireland’s HR leaders are experiencing skills shortages, up from 61% last year. The greatest skills gaps was found to be in the areas of IT, data analytics, risk and finance. At the same time less than half (45%) …Read More

Why China is poised for an economic resurgence with data analytics.

The explosion of technology adoption and investments across China signals the next iteration of its economy. Historically, China maintained its position as an economic powerhouse as it boasted cheap labor and manufacturing. The country’s next economic wave will capitalise on technology as its consumers flock to it at unmatched speeds and government and big businesses …Read More

AWS launches Kinesis Analytics for analyzing real-time streaming data.

Amazon’s AWS cloud computing platform today launched Kinesis Analytics, a new service that makes it easier to analyze real-time streaming data with the help of standard SQL queries. Kinesis Analytics builds on AWS’s Kinesis real-time streaming data platform, which enables developers to ingest streaming data and use it in their applications. With Kinesis Analytics, developers …Read More

School study of computer science key to Irish knowledge economy.

Ireland is now the second-largest software exporter in the world; but how long can we stay competitive on the world stage? Each year, the Leaving Certificate results provide an opportune moment to reflect on the Irish education system. We have no shortage of computer science or programming courses at our third-level institutions. Rather, we have …Read More

​Patients could soon be treated using artificial intelligence.

Madis Tiik says big data analytics will open a new area of healthcare. Within ten years, the healthcare industry could see patients being treated using artificial intelligence services, according to one expert in the field. Madis Tiik is a senior advisor to the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra, where he advises on eHealth integration and on …Read More