As the first in a series of Analytics Institute Masterclasses, we were delighted and privileged to welcome Dr James McCabe and Malcolm MacClancy to deliver this compelling and fascinating session.

James and Malcolm are professional story-smiths with over two decades of international experience at the highest organizational levels across industry, technology, financial services and many other sectors. Together, they have designed and delivered over three hundred coaching, consulting and creative engagements. Their global clientele has included organisations such as Microsoft, Siemens, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Volkswagen, the ECB, Allianz, KPMG and many others. Published, award-winning authors in their own right, James and Malcolm are dedicated to helping public-sector and enterprise leaders deploy dramatic narrative to complex change and new growth.

The Prospero Masterclass:
Named for Shakespeare’s only original character, a master creative, the Prospero Story Masterclass demonstrates how classical story design may yet save public discourse. The greatest irony in human history is that attention has almost disappeared at the precise moment when instantaneous global communication has become possible. Whatever you have to communicate may be shaped persuasively – and immediately forgotten – or it may be designed to timeless dramatic principles and remembered.