The role of Data Science in today’s technology driven world impacts a range of industries from the health sector to financial services, to developing smart cities and transportation. 

Although the benefits of Data Science have become seemingly clear and its impact noted across said environments, the dangers of data science without ethical considerations is equally apparent — whether it be the protection of personal data, bias in automated decision-making, the apparent elimination of free choice in psychographics or the social impacts of automation. 

This event will bring together a panel of experts from academia, media and industry to discuss the challenges of responsible data science in the age of the algorithm.  


Moderator: Paddy Meaney, Practice Director, Version 1

Dr Joan Cahill, Centre for Innovative Human Systems, Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Katherine O'Keefe, Chief Ethicist, Castlebridge

Niall O'Neil, Chief Strategy Officer,  Oneview Healthcare

Garvan Callan, Financial Services Transformation Advisor, OneZero1

Refreshments will be served