* IMPORTANT NOTE - Members will require photo ID for access as per Central Bank Ireland compliance for building security. 

Hosted by Central Bank Ireland, this event shines a spotlight on 'Diversity in the Analytics Sector' presented by field experts from corporate, governance and academia sectors. After delivering insights keynotes in their areas of expertise - the importance of diversity in culture and; inclusion in employment and education - our speakers will take place in a panel discussion under our theme of diversity in the analytics sector. 

Jo O'Donovan (Head of Analytics, Eir) and Adrian Varley (Director of Prudential Analysis and Inspections, Central Bank Ireland) will offer unique perspectives in their presentations, on the importance of diversity within the analytics sector, from different advantage points. 

A panel discussion will follow featuring Dr. Joan Cahill (Trinity College), Peter Brabrazon (Specialisterne),  Donal Doyle (Google), and joined by Adrian Varley (CBI).  

Registration and networking over light refreshments from 08.30 - 09.00hrs.

Please also have your Eventbrite ticket/email on hand for registration.