Inspire event - topics include 'AI at Scale', 'Disrupting Human Trafficking' and 'Data and the Irish Property Market'

AI at Scale 

CiarĂ¡n Hickey, IBM Analytics Lead, Cognitive & Analytics

AI at Scale is a consult-to-operate service to embed and maintain data, advanced analytics, and AI solutions at scale. This framework allows IBM to provide their client consistently means to scale POCs or pilots to production and to then run and maintain those analytical solutions. In order to minimize time-to-deploy and time-to-value for AI solutions while minimizing operational risk, AI at Scale is constructed on 6 key pillars: Vision, Operating Model, Data & Technology, Engineering & Operations, Change Management, and People & Enablement.

Using intelligence analysis technology to disrupt and prevent human trafficking

John McGrath, IBM Senior Solution Architect

The Traffik Analysis Hub (TA Hub) is a revolutionary partnership across industries and sectors including financial institutions, NGOs, law enforcement and government agencies; all unified by the common goal of sharing data to stop human trafficking. Now live and operational, using advanced cognitive technologies developed by IBM, the TA Hub partners gather information and share highly accessible analysis of human trafficking drawing on over 300,000 records, as part of their day- to-day business. IBM uses AI technology to quickly analyze and process volumes of data from a variety of sources; while ensuring its security and integrity.

The Irish Property Market - what does the data tell us?

Paul O Connor, Head of Promontory Ireland

A perspective from Promontory - providing strategic advice that addresses relevant regulatory challenges, An analysis of the rise and fall of the Irish property market, exploring the link between property valuation data and key even