For almost 40 years, quantum computing has intrigued and amazed scientists and non-scientists in its future possibility for solving problems that are intractable using classical computing. Over the last four years, IBM has made real quantum computers available on the cloud so that clients, students, and researchers can begin to learn and experiment with this new way of computing. 

We will see what use cases are being considered in industry, the state of quantum computing today, and how you can get on the right path to make the earliest use of this rapidly evolving technology. 

The Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC) operates and manages a modern national  e-infrastructure for Ireland  including Ireland’s National Supercomputer . The experience and ability that ICHEC possesses allows it to provide compute and data services in HPC, Big Data, Quantum Computing and Blockchain, supporting research and innovation across academia, public sector and industry. 

 Advances in satellite technology have led to many new scientific discoveries but these advances only come with the ability to efficiently process and manage vast quantities of data (over 150 terabytes per day) .  The SPEir  platform developed by ICHEC as one part of their federated data management infrastructure projects demonstrates how the effective management of Earth Observation data can facilitate, with AI and Machine Learning, real world use cases such as water body analysis, invasive species mitigation and wild fire detection.