Edge AI is a system that uses Machine Learning algorithms to process data generated by a hardware device at the local level. 

The device does not need to be connected to the Internet to process such data and make decisions in real time, in a matter of milliseconds.

In this Masterclass, David Moloney of Ubotica will explain why this is the future of AI.

Edge AI has incredible potential in areas such as IoT, Manufacturing, Space and Healthcare.

David Moloney is Chief Scientist at Ubotica since Jan 2021. Previously he co-founded Movidius as CTO in 2005 which went on to pioneer low-power embedded vision and neural network processing in edge devices before being acquired by Intel in November 2016.
In 2010 he received a PhD from Trinity College Dublin for his research into high performance computer architectures and is active in the fields of computer vision and AI.

His interests span SoC and embedded processor design, deep-learning hardware, computer vision, robotics and navigation.