Join us for an important event where we will learn how location data is essential in our national response to global challenges such as the Covid 19 Pandemic, the Environment and Sustainability.

We are delighted to deliver this event in partnership with Ordnance Survey Ireland – the National Mapping Agency. This session will be introduced by Hugh Mangan, General Manager - Business & Marketing, Ordnance Survey Ireland

Our guest speakers are:

Justin Gleeson, Director of the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) in Maynooth University:
Introducing the Covid Data Hub

Ainhoa Gonzalez, Associate Professor in the School of Geography in UCD and the Director of the MSc Geospatial Data Analysis:
The Environment Sensitivity Mapping (ESM) Webtool

Kevin McCormack, Senior Statistician with the CSO:
Ireland’s UN Sustainable Development Goals and Indicators

These important initiatives reside within GeoHive – the OSi infrastructure that is now identified as the State’s geospatial data hub.