Trustworthy AI is defined by three complementary concepts: Lawful AI, Ethical AI and Robust AI.

During this masterclass you will hear from Dr. Susan Leavy, an Assistant Professor working within Insight, the SFI research centre for data analytics. You will learn about the work that is underway within the Irish research community to mitigate bias in machine learning and develop frameworks to ensure the development of ethical AI. You will hear about AI policy, governance and the importance of placing a focus on trustworthy AI within your organisations.

A trustworthy AI approach is key to enabling ‚Äúresponsible competitiveness‚ÄĚ, by providing the foundation upon which all those using or affected by AI systems can trust that their design, development and use are lawful, ethical and robust. You will hear about how Insight, the wider research community and Insight's industry partners are seeking to make ethics a core pillar for developing a unique approach to AI, one that aims to benefit, empower and protect both individual human flourishing and the common good of society.

Susan Leavy is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information and Communication at UCD, with research interests in the ethics of artificial intelligence, trustworthy AI, and text analytics. She is currently working on projects to mitigate bias in machine learning with a focus on image analysis and natural language processing. She earned a PhD in Computer Science at TCD, an MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Edinburgh University) and a BA in Philosophy and English Literature (UCD). Susan also worked for several years in financial services managing the design and development of large-scale trading platforms.