There’s a greater need than ever to communicate complicated data in an effective way. In this digital age with access to so much information, how do we strip out the noise and create streamlined and effective insights? The simple answer is to place emphasis on a data-storytelling culture.

This masterclass session will outline the essential cornerstones of effective data-driven storytelling and impart skills to build individual and team confidence and credibility. We'll take you through the entire data presentation process and identify key decision-making points for optimal storytelling. Transform your work from acceptable to exceptional!

Roshani Abbey is a self-confessed data-nerd, passionate about effective communication and inspirational storytelling. She works in the analytics & reporting space and has served as a data engineer and data analyst, responsible for enabling the exchange of information in an efficient and timely manner. Prior to working in the financial sector she worked as a research associate at Imperial College London, investigating data science methods such as feature selection and classification using network construction. She is also an actor and appears in theatre shows in London's West End.