Some of the most basic things in modern life have a startling history behind them, a story largely shaped by data - both the lack of it and the abundance of it...

Belting up is one of the ubiquitous driving experiences we almost never think about, but seat belts hold a unique insight into human nature and behavioural change. Hosting Volvo, the brand that gave the world seat belts long before we adopted them, this event will explore how one man, Nils Bohlin, used data to convince the world of the safety benefits of modern seat belts.

Join MD of Volvo Ireland David Thomas for a deep dive into data-driven mobility and the impact of new knowledge on human nature.

Hosted by radio commentator Jonathan deBurca Butler and storyteller James McCabe, this event will demonstrate how one woman’s death in Co. Offaly in the 1800s would start a chain of events leading to worldwide adoption of seat belts over a century later.

As driving itself evolves into assisted and autonomous driving, we question whether that kind of time frame still exists for us to integrate fresh knowledge all over again?

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