Who is Corporate Membership for?

Any organisation that relies on data and analytics to support its operations, to make strategic decisions, or to improve performance can benefit from corporate membership. Our member organisations come from a range of sectors including Financial Services, Retail, Pharma, Manufacturing, ICT, Banking, Telecoms, Advisory, Supply Chain and Aviation.

Corporate Membership is designed for large organisations as well as for SMEs – both in the Public sector and in the Private sector.

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What are the benefits?

Access to an comprehensive array of programmes and training designed to build and support your work with data. Help your team to develop and enhance their skills at every stage of their careers. Expand the tabs to find out more.

Support for Professional Development

Corporate members can access a wide range of training resources and support for the professional development of their analytics staff. This includes training programs, masterclasses, workshops, conferences, and events to help employees stay current with the latest trends and technologies in analytics.

Networking and Collaboration

Corporate membership often provides opportunities for networking and collaboration with other organizations and professionals in the analytics field. This can lead to valuable partnerships, knowledge sharing, and potential business opportunities.

Promotion of Analytics Culture

Corporate membership can help promote a culture of data-driven decision-making within an organization. It encourages employees to stay engaged with the analytics community and continuously improve their skills.

Advocacy and Representation

The Analytics Institute advocates for policies and initiatives that benefit the analytics industry. Corporate members can have a voice in shaping these initiatives and benefit from the institute's efforts to support the industry.

Recognition and Credibility

Being a corporate member of a reputable organization like the Analytics Institute can enhance a company's credibility in the field of analytics. It demonstrates a commitment to excellence and staying at the forefront of industry developments.

How it works:

There are 4 Corporate Membership levels to choose from depending on the number of staff you wish to include under your Corporate  Membership

  • Silver - up to 7 nominated members
  • Gold - 8 to 15 nominated members
  • Platinum - 16 to 50 nominated members
  • Diamond - 50+ nominated members

When your have chosen your Corporate Membership level, you can nominate staff members to include under your Corporate Membership. These staff members get added to our Members Register and will get access to our members portal where they can access a wide range of events and resources free of charge.

You can nominate a Data Leader to act as your main point of contact with the Institute. Your Data Leader will also receive unique invitations to our Data Leaders series of events which are by invitation only. Your organisation also gets added as an Organisational Member and your logo is placed in our Member Directory. 

Organisations and their nominated members are encouraged to be active members of our community and to avail of a range of engagement opportunities designed to support networking, engagement and learning from peers. 


How much does Corporate Membership cost?

Corporate Members pay one annual membership subscription based on the size of organisation and the number of staff they wish to cover under their membership.

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Hear from our Members

Check out this video of our members explaining how they benefit from membership of the Analytics Institute

How to Join?

  1. Complete Registration Form by clicking on the Join now button below.
  2. Choose your Level of Membership (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond)
  3. Complete the registration process. Note - you will need your registered company details including your VAT number and a high res logo.
  4. Choose your Payment Option (Invoice or Credit Card).
  5. We will be in touch by email to confirm your membership. Once your membership has been confirmed, you can log into your online account and nominate your staff members.
  6. Your nominated staff will receive an email to accept membership and once confirmed, they will become nominated members. They will receive regular invitations to our events, training, masterclasses, technical deep dives, Analytics Summit, Analytics & AI Awards etc. They will also be given access to the resources area of our website where they can access an array of video recordings.

What's included in Membership?


Inspire Events



Technology Deep Dives
Training & Certification
Data Leaders Sessions
Analytics Summit
Analytics & AI Awards
Online Resources


Ready to Join?

Ready for your team to join our community? Click the button below to begin the sign up process.

Or, if you have more questions, get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to help.


Got a Question?

Check out some of our Most Frequently Asked Questions by expanding the tabs below or Contact Us.

If I join today, when does our Corporate membership start?

Your Corporate Membership starts from the 1st of the next calendar month for a period of 12 months. You will be notified one month in advance of your renewal date.

Can I upgrade to another level during our membership?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time. A pro-rata cost will be applied for the remaining months.

Can I change my nominated members during the membership period?

Yes, you can swap nominated members out as many times as you wish. Nominated members can be updated by the Data Leader through their member profile.

What is a Data Leader?

The Data Leader is the main point of contact for membership of the Analytics Institute. They have admin control of the membership and can add/subtract nominated members. They also get added to the Data Leaders Forum and get exclusive invites to Data Leader events.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay by credit card or invoice. Invoice terms are 30 days.

I have a PO. Can this be added to the invoice?

Yes, our accounts team will work with you to facilitate payment.

Once I join, how do I get more involved?

Once an organization joins as a member, our membership manager will get in touch to arrange a ‘Engagement Opportunities’ meeting. This is where we get to understand your organisation and how we can provide value throughout the term of your membership. We will talk you through speaking and hosting opportunities throughout the year and how you can get involved as a member.

How do I ensure my team gets involved?

We run an ‘New Member Induction’ meeting on the first Tuesday of every month for new members. This is to allow new members to get an overview of the Analytics Institute, the benefits of membership to them and what to expect as members over the coming 12 months.

Some of my team are based overseas, can they still join as members?

We have numerous events based online to facilitate members who are based outside of Ireland. We also record our events and make them available to view on our member portal.

We are based internationally, can we still join as members?

Yes, we have a number of international organisations as members. We are also expanding internationally and have events scheduled for New York and London with further plans to expand.

I have more questions before I join. Is it possible to talk to someone first?

Absolutely, we are happy to help and can schedule a 30 minute intro call to talk through membership. Please fill out the contact us form and we will be in touch to schedule a call.