Who is Professional Membership for?

Any data professional can benefit from membership. Whether you are starting out in your career and need to build your profile and skills or you are an industry veteran who wants to meet your peers in the industry to share knowledge , skills and experience, the Analytics Institute is the platform you need.

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What are the benefits?

Joining the Analytics Institute as a Professional Member can offer numerous benefits for individuals. Expand the tabs to find out more.

Support for Professional Development

  • Access to masterclasses, workshops, conferences, and events to enhance skills and stay updated on industry trends.
  • Opportunities for certifications and continuous learning to boost professional development to help you to stay current with the latest trends and technologies in analytics.

Networking and Collaboration

  • Connect with like-minded professionals, experts, and leaders in the Data and Analytics field.
  • Attend industry events, conferences, and seminars to build a strong professional network.


Advocacy and Representation

  • Representation at the industry level, with the organisation advocating for the interests of its members.
  • Involvement in shaping industry standards, policies, and best practices.


Recognition and Credibility

  • Gain recognition as a member of a reputable professional organization within the Data and Analytics sector.
  • Access to awards and recognition programs that highlight individual achievements.


Stay Informed

  • Regular updates on industry news, emerging technologies, and changes in regulations.
  • Newsletters, webinars, and publications to stay informed about the latest developments in Data and Analytics.

Discounts & Benefits

  • Complimentary ticket to the Analytics Summit
  • Exclusive discounts on workshops, and training programs.
  • Access to special offers on relevant products and services.

Community Engagement

  • Engage in online forums, discussion groups, and communities to share knowledge and experiences.
  • Participate in special interest groups or committees focused on specific aspects of Data and Analytics.

Access to Resources

  • Receive exclusive access to research papers, whitepapers, and industry reports.
  • Access to our member portal giving access to hundred of hours of recorded content .

How it works:

Professional members join the community as individuals. Once registered, they form part of our overall community of over 5000 professionals members, based all around the world. Professional membership gives access unlimitied access to all our events and online sessions and exclusive discounts on training and ceritifcation programmes. Members receive regular updates via email and can log into the website to access members only resouces. They also have the opportunity to speak or present at our events, enter our awards and even be invited to join industry forums and advisory panels.   

How much does it cost?

Individual Professional Members pay one annual membership subscription. This gives you full access to the events, training, and resources listed above.

Individual Professional Membership costs €365 (+VAT) for 12 months of membership.  


How do I Join?

  1. Complete Registration Form to create an account by clicking on the Join now button below.
  2. Choose Professional Membership
  3. Complete the registration process (Name and Email)
  4. Select payment method - Payment can be made by invoice or credit card
  5. We will be in touch by email to confirm your membership. Once your membership has been confirmed, you can log into your online account
  6. You will start to receive regular invites and notifications on upcoming events and training
  7. Members are encouraged to attend induction sessions to understand how to get the most out of their membership

What's included in Membership?

As an Individual Professional Member you can access a wide range of events and resources free of charge. These events and resources include:

Inspire Events



Technology Deep Dives
Training & Certification
Analytics Summit
Analytics & AI Awards
Online Resources


Ready to Join?

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Got More Questions?

Check out some of our Most Frequently Asked Questions by expanding the tabs below or Contact Us.

I have more questions before I join. Is it possible to talk to someone first?

Absolutely, we are happy to help and can schedule a 30 minute intro call to talk through membership. Please fill out the contact us form and we will be in touch to schedule a call.

If I join today, when does my Professional Membership start?

Your Professional Membership starts from the 1st of the next calendar month for a period of 12 months. You will be notified one month in advance of your renewal date.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay by credit card or invoice. Invoice terms are 30 days.

I have a PO. Can this be added to the invoice?

Yes, our accounts team will work with you to facilitate payment.

Once I join, how do I get more involved?

Once you join as a professional member, we recommend attending a ‘New Member Induction’ meeting (the first Tuesday of every month). This is to allow you to get an overview of the Analytics Institute, the benefits of membership and what to expect as a member over the coming 12 months. It also explains how you can get involved as a professional member such as speaking opportunities.

I am based overseas, can I still join as a member?

Yes, we have many international professionals as members. We are also expanding internationally and have events scheduled for New York and London with further plans to expand. We also have numerous events based online to facilitate members who are based outside of Ireland. We also record our events and make them available to view in our member portal.