Tech Deep Dives are best suited to our more technically advanced members. This session will be delivered by our member organisation, Sogeti.
  1. Setting the Context: Importance of Data in Achieving Net Zero
    • Brief Overview of Net Zero commitments
    • Benefits and challenges in the journey towards Net Zero
  2. The Role of Data in Your Net Zero Journey
    • Data as a catalyst in accelerating the Net Zero journey
    • How Data helps in monitoring, reporting, and acting on reducing emissions/improving efficiency
  3. Getting Started with Data for Net Zero
    • Identifying key stakeholders and forming a Data for Net Zero task force/team
    • Assessing your organization’s current state and data readiness
    • Integrating data strategy into your Net Zero policies/goals
    • Automating and industrializing ESG data reporting
  4. Customer Success Stories: A Storytelling Session (use one or several customer examples)
    • Introduction to the Storytelling Session
      1. Customer Success Story 1: An Organization’s journey from commitment to Data-Driven Net Zero success
      2. Customer Success Story 2: Overcoming challenges in data management for Net Zero
      3. Customer Success Story 3: Transforming business operations for sustainability with Data 
This masterclass is part of our ‘Technical Deep Dive Masterclass’ series delivered by our member organisations on a monthly basis. If you or your organisation would like to run your own masterclass for the benefit of our community, please get in touch.
Rory O'Connor

Rory O'Connor

Head of Practice, Operations & Sustainability, Sogeti

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