AI and Intelligent Document Processing

As the volume of data stored in digital format increases largely, it is inevitable for businesses to opt for advanced AI techniques for processing digitized documents and extracting information, reducing the need for time-consuming manual work. Intelligent document processing (IDP) enables automating information extraction from documents and makes it possible to integrate this process seamlessly in a business process workflow.

Benefits of IDP include reduced manual effort and processing time through eliminating repetitive tasks, cost savings due to reduced hours spent extracting data, in addition to the ability to process larger amounts of data and scaling document processing.

In this tech deep dive, the speakers will provide an overview of the IDP process and key considerations when employing this type of technology and will dive deeper into the AI models that underpin IDP.



  • What does IDP mean.
  • An overview of AI models used for IDP.
  • Deep dive into one of the tools used for IDP.
  • Key considerations and issues.

Target audience:

  • Data Scientists
  • Managers, Business Leaders, and Decision Makers for small, medium, and large business.
Iman Saleh

Iman Saleh

Senior Consultant, KPMG

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Iliana Simova

Iliana Simova

Manager, Technology Data Science, KPMG

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