Data Transformation in Power BI Masterclass
One of the most time-consuming tasks in Data Analysis is the cleansing and preparation of data so it is suitable and ready for analysis. Power BI Query Editor has a wide range of sophisticated tools to help you do this quickly and efficiently, saving you hours of time. This Masterclass will show you how to use some of these tools such as Unpivot, Append Rows and joining datasets together using Merge. You will see how to create your own Custom Columns and learn more about Applied Steps and how you can edit those steps in Advanced Editor using Mashup Language.
Learning outcomes
  • Know how to turn columns into rows with Unpivot
  • Know how to Append rows of data to a table
  • Use Merge to join datasets
  • Create Custom Columns
  • Understand Applied Steps
  • Learn how to use Advanced Editor to work with M Language
Target Audience: 
Power BI Users who want to learn more about cleansing and transforming data in Power BI Query Editor