LLMs for Business Workshop

This is a 2-hour online expert workshop. Tickets are free to all members. 

Join us as we explore real-world examples of how AI and LLMs can be applied across various business functions. We'll look at enhancing customer interactions, streamlining workflows, and improving decision-making. This session aims to provide attendees with concrete examples and actionable insights on leveraging AI and LLMs to meet business objectives.
Part One – Understanding LLMs
  • Understanding AI and LLMs – We’ll begin by briefly exploring and defining AI and Large Language Models, and identifying where one ends and the other begins.
  • How do LLMs work? – We’ll discuss the underlying technology and innovation that drives LLMs.
  • What can LLMs do and what can they not do? – Understanding the value of LLMs in a business environment first requires that we understand their potential applications and their limitations.
  • Overcoming Limitations – How can organisations understand, adapt and overcome these limitations.
Part Two – Applying LLMs
  • How are businesses using LLMs – We’ll begin the second portion of the workshop by exploring some real-world use cases, discussing blockers, limitations, and routes to delivery.
  • Identifying Use Cases – We’ll explore how businesses can identify and prioritise LLM use cases within their own organisation.
Learning Outcomes
  • What are LLMs and what is their relationship to AI?
  • How LLMs work, their applications, and limitations
  • Techniques to overcome these limitations.
  • How businesses are using LLMs to drive value
  • How businesses can identify and prioritise their own LLM use cases
This webinar is the ideal opportunity for businesses eager to better understand and leverage the latest in AI technology, as well as technical professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of LLMs' capabilities and applications.


Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh

CEO, Reitigh Software Limited

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