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This is a 4-hour online workshop. Limited tickets are available and are only available to members. This event is in partnership with Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet and therefore attendees are required to submit additional information on booking for general statistical purposes. See the privacy statement here.  
Machine Learning Fundamentals with Python
This 1-hour masterclass will introduce you to machine learning fundamentals using the Python programming language. 80% of the time spent on data science, AI, and machine Learning projects are in preparing data for machine learning and evaluating and interpreting the outputs from machine learning models.
Finally, we will outline a python roadmap that anyone take embark upon on a journey to python and machine learning mastery.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand Jupyter Notebook and Python Basics
  • Look at datatypes and variables
  • Best practice for data preparation, cleaning and sampling
  • How to train Data, test data and evaluation data
  • Live Demo – Regression - Does Money Make People Happy?
  • Understand Common metrics used to evaluate results
  • A Python and ML roadmap
Target Audience
Anyone who wants to understand best practice to prepare data for machine learning, evaluation and interpretation.