It is important that the organisations use of data is ethical and conforms to agreed values and policies.This Certificate is designed help participants understand the important issues, opportunities and risks associated with data usage. It will explain how to develop frameworks, standards and processes to mitigate risk and to implement data governance and ethical best practices.

Our Autumn 2024 Schedule
  • Module 1 | Data Governance: 24/09/2024
  • Module 2 | Data & The Law: 01/10/2024
  • Module 3 | Data Ethics: 8/10/2024
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Live Online Sessions

Learn remotely through live lectures delivered through the Zoom Webinars platform, delivered by a leading expert practitioner drawn from our Associate Faculty. This is a six week programme consisting of three lectures two hour modules. Live lectures allow for class participation and Q&A sessions with each lecturer.

What You'll Learn

The programme examines the opportunities and challenges faced by organisations when utilising data to inform business decisions. It will outline best practice in Data Governance and explore the ethical issues that may arise. It will also look at the legislative and regulatory rules and guidelines that apply.


Module 1

Module 1: Data Governance

This Module will focus on the importance of Data Governance, the key strategic elements, and how to develop and implement a Data Strategy Framework for any organisation. It will also look at Data Governance standards and compliance metrics and how to encourage and support a data culture across the organisation.

Key areas of focus for this module will include: An introduction to data governance and its benefits. | Core data governance principles; Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Data Quality, Data Relevance. | The Data Governance Framework. | Navigating the organisation including setting goals and objectives, gaining buy-in, measuring success and ongoing support.

Module 2

Module 2: Data & The Law

This Module explores the legal landscape for organisations using data. It focuses on the legislation that governs data collection, storage and usage. It will examine the laws and regulations in this area including the Freedom of Information Act, GDPR and the Data Protection Act, the Data Protection Commission and Data Privacy law in Europe and the USA.

Key areas of focus for this module will include: An introduction to risks associated with data. | Data and the Law. | Data Protection Commission. | Mitigating Risks and planning.

Module 3

Module 3: Data Ethics

This module will examine the ethical concerns for the use of data in business and its application in artificial intelligence models. The module will cover the key ethical issues for organisations and the guidelines and requirements for developing trustworthy AI models.

Key areas of focus for this module will include: An introduction to data ethics. | Core data ethics principles: Fairness, Privacy, Transparency and Accountability. | Data in society: Disinformation, Data surveillance, Biases in big data, Tech ethics. | Practical examples: Ethics by design and practical examples of identifying and mitigating bias in data.