The Dirty Data Masterclass

This is a 2-hour online expert workshop. Tickets are free to all members. 

Is dirty data and filthy formatting giving you a headache, causing you hours, or even days of frustration? 
We’re all expected to clean or fix data, but no one tells us how to do it!   
Well fear not, with over a decade of experience fixing your dirty data, Susan Walsh is the Classification Guru and will guide you through her very own process of cleaning addresses in Excel and learning how to interrogate it. You’ll even get your own dirty data set so you can join in!  
While there are many data-cleaning tools out there, everyone uses Excel, including non-data people, and it’s important to be familiar with and get to know your data. Before you use these tools, you need to be able to spot and fix errors and understand when the data isn’t right. This session will help you achieve this. 
Learning Outcomes: 
  • What is dirty data 
  • The impact of dirty data 
  • Cleansing addresses in Excel 
  • The data COAT 
Suitable for: 
From non-data professionals who work with data on a daily basis and may even be intimidated by it, to those starting out on their data journey to even the most seasoned of data professionals, there are some great learnings in this for everyone. 


Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh

The Classification Guru

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